When this Baltimore-based non-profit organization began its partnership with DP Solutions, significant troubleshooting was needed for an on-site server. Remote users were encountering connection issues and as a result, configuration support became a high priority. Additionally, the organization wanted to improve the reliability and security of their database while still maintaining primary control of its internal infrastructure. “Our selection of DP Solutions was in part a result of their approach to solutions having an appropriate return in investment,” said the organization’s CFO. “They approached the project like a business partner (rather than sales) and engaged us in conversation to get to the best solution.”


To address the organization’s issues, DP Solutions first upgraded their server with proactive managed backup services to improve the reliability and availability of their data. Internet circuits were then provided to enhance the stability of remote server connections. Ultimately, DP Solutions assisted with the construction and maintenance of their on-site servers offering design assistance and help in resolving server matters that the organization had difficulty undertaking on their own.

Technically speaking

Although the organization maintains its on-site network server, they receive configuration assistance from DP Solutions with respect to their switches, wide area network (WAN), and virtual private network (VPN). Their server was upgraded from a 2003 to a 2008 R2 Citrix server while the network continues to be updated on an “as needed” basis. Furthermore, DP Solutions helps troubleshoot any server issues that arise and provides proactive managed IT backup services. As a managed backup customer, the organization receives state-of-the art data de-duplication, application health monitoring, backups and restore of SQL and Exchange, as well as block level snapshots with incremental data capture.


With an upgraded on-site server and new Internet circuits, the organization has consistent access to their data center when and wherever they need it. Furthermore, DP Solutions’ managed backup services offer the foundation a sense of security if something should ever go wrong. This peace of mind allows the organization to focus more time and energy on researching preventions, treatments, and cures for those affected by retinal degenerative diseases, and less effort managing and backing up data. As the organization continues to search for a cure, DP Solutions will remain by their side with IT advice and support. “Our partnership with DP Solutions has allowed us to maintain our generalist staff while reaching out for expertise or extra resources as needed. Our organization is large enough to have appropriate resources toward IT, but too small to support full time staff with specific areas of expertise. DP Solutions partnership approach has continued to help us put our focus on the next most important IT project while being flexible to react to unexpected hurdles,” said the organization’s CFO.